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Fact Friday: Plans Fail When You Focus on Multiple Goals

“When you’ve got a goal in mind, research shows that it works to have a specific plan in place to achieve it. But that may not be the case when you’re trying to achieve several goals at once…researchers found that for people with just one goal, having a plan in place helped them to accomplish it. But that planning didn’t help the people who had to accomplish six goals.”

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Planning Is Less Effective When You’re Juggling Multiple Goals: Study | | 5.19.12


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  1. This makes a lot of sense to me. It’s not hard for me to set priorities, but when I have a lot of things that are all top priority, I find myself paralyzed instead of motivated.

    1. Same here. And, when I start feeling overwhelmed, it’s hard to pick the priority (out of all the priorities) that should be focused on. So, I really have to just pick one focus for each day.

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