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What’s Up With Organizing Tips and Blog Posts?

Thanks for stopping by my website! If you’ve landed here for the first time looking for tech coaching or if you were searching for organizing tips and tricks, the good news is that you’re in the right place.

Confused? Well, let me explain. (Psst! If you just wanna grab the organizing posts, just scroll down this page!)

In my past life, I was (and sorta still am) a professional organizer. The difference is that in the past, I helped clients in their home and offices kick clutter to the curb. I also helped them learn strategies to be more productive. Fast forward several years later, and I’m still focused on productivity. But, organizing, not so much.

These days, I exclusively focus on helping clients use technology tools to be more productive in their companies. Sometimes that means helping them learn about new small business, task, and time management apps.

Or, it can also mean helping them to come up with blogging or social media strategies so that they don’t become time sucks. You can jump back to my home page to get more deets about that.

Leveraging Technology to Increase Productivity

So, what about the folks who still want organizing information? Not to worry!

Though hands-on organizing is not my main gig anymore, I’m happy to share tips and tricks I’ve learned (and still use!) over the last several years. I kept several of those posts and you can find them just by scrolling down on this page, clicking here, or checking out some of my favorite posts below.

Okay! Ready? Start here:


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5 Ways to Get Organized for the Year Ahead

Get Organized in the New Year

It seems amazing, doesn’t it? Here we are right at the beginning of the year!

Somehow we managed to frantically finish our holiday shopping while at the same time attending to the responsibilities of work and family.

It’s been a pretty hectic, but it’s also a fun time for sure — especially if you allowed yourself to take some time to enjoy the good cheer that comes along with the holidays.

Now that the celebrations are behind us, this is the perfect time to think about the New Year — not so much about the resolutions that we may have already been made and broken, but for the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

Yes, a new year, a new you!

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Chillax this Holiday Season! How to Destress and Get Stuff Done.

Destress and Get Stuff Done During the Holidays

I love the word Chillax!

A hybrid of the words “chill” and “relax,” it basically means calm down! Okay, are you laughing and saying:

What is she talking about?!

Yes, I know, I know … the holidays can be stressful, but there are ways to reduce that stress and still be productive.

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Help! I’ve Become a Grown-Up!

It’s tough being a grown-up. You have to do stuff, take care of stuff, and sometimes take care of other people and their stuff. But it’s always a challenge when you have to deal with your own stuff.

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4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Scarves

How to Organize Your Scarves

These days, everyone is getting in on the scarf trend. And not just during winter. People are wearing scarves year round now. They’re collecting a bevy of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles.

Now, this is good and all — but this poses a threat to our perfectly organized homes. Once your scarf collection reaches the double digits, how can you keep them tamed and manageable?

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Armadillos Are Dangerous and Ugly Just Like Clutter

I bet you haven’t thought about armadillos. Or, even considered that you might have a few things in common with them. Well, one specific thing — clutter. Keep reading to learn why I recently made that connection.

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Declutter With a Friend: Here’s Why You Should

get organized and declutter with a friend*This post was updated November 2, 2015.

Would you believe that holding an object can increase your desire to keep it? Crazy, right? Well, it’s true. It turns out that the power of touch is, well, really powerful. So much so that you probably won’t let go of things that you don’t like if you hold them.

So, the next time you decide to go through the clothing in your closet, for the love of God, don’t touch anything!

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The Clutter Paradox: Contradictions in Clutter Clearing Methods

The Clutter Paradox: Contradictions in Clutter Clearing Methods

*This post was updated November 3, 2015.

We’re always searching for “the secret” to solving life’s troubles. Usually, we realize that no matter the solution, we still have to put in the work to see the results we want. If we want to lose weight, we have to exercise and change our eating habits.  We can try the treadmill or take up boxing. We can join Jenny Craig or just replace bad snacks with healthy ones.  What works for you might not work for me. You’ve heard all this before, yes?

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Quick Tip: Follow These 3 Donation Rules


follow these three tips before you donate your stuff*This post was updated November 3, 2015.

Donating  items that you no longer need or want can be very rewarding. You end up with a less cluttered space and someone else gets something they need. Before you go on give-away campaign, be sure that you follow these simple donation rules of thumb.

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Do You Have a Clutter Graveyard?

get control of your clutter graveyard*This post was updated November 3, 2015.

I used to have a clutter graveyard. It was located in my home office. Whenever I didn’t want to deal with something – a box, paper, mail …anything … I would shove it in my office until I could get to it. Surprised? You shouldn’t be — pro organizers are busy just like everyone else and sometimes get caught up with life.

The difference between us and the average person is that we have weapons in our arsenal. We use specific strategies to get righted again, and because we have those tools, our spaces tend not to remain cluttered for very long.

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Top 5 Organizing Tips to Clear Clutter (And Reduce Stress)

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with cluttered spaces, the five organizing tips in today’s post will bring a bit of calm to your life. Use them as a guide to help you clear up your spaces and keep your mind stress-free.

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