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Digital productivity coach Deb Lee zeroes in on marketing & design teams – To help your team conquer the evolving challenges of a changing work environment for marketing and design teams, we asked Deb to share some of her thoughts and experiences. Our conversation touched on refining goals, sizing up trends on the horizon, her personal productivity boosters, balancing structure with a “nebulous creative vibe,” and more.

Work From Home Benefits: 12 Things You “Get To Do”
April 6, 2020

Work From Home Benefits: 12 Things You “Get To Do”

There are several benefits to working from home for both small business owners and their teams. Still, creating a new work routine can take some getting used to. That’s because we humans are creatures of habit and starting new ones — especially when the world seems a bit chaotic and upside-down — requires patience, practice, and a positive mindset.

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