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Fact Friday Productivity Statistics

Fact Friday: Want to Increase Productivity? Stand Up!

It’s time for Fact Friday! Today’s statistic might not shock you, but it might inspire you to stand up and boost your productivity.

”… a new study suggests that standing desks could also boost productivity for some employees by a whopping 46% … within a month of getting standing desks, those employees were 23% more productive than their colleagues who continued to use traditional sitting desks. Over the next five months, the boost in productivity rose to 53%, possibly because they got used to working while standing. The average productivity increase over the entire half-year period was 46%.”
[Source: CNN ~ Bump up your productivity at work by standing up]

Are you surprised by these stats? As it turns out, even though the productivity of all workers in this study began to level off after a while, those who still continued to stand while they worked were more productive.
Check out the article to learn more about the other contributing factors, and be sure to try out the six simple tips listed below so you can limit the amount of time you spend sitting while you work.

stand up productivity
Stand or stretch your way to improved productivity!

Stand Up: Productivity Hacks for Your Work Day

1. Set a timer. Use a timer to remind you to get up at regular intervals (e.g., every 45-60 minutes).
2. Use an app. There are a number of apps, including Fitbit, that will remind you when it’s time stand up. FitBit will also encourage you to walk around for about 3 minutes (or 250 steps). Other apps to check out include Stand Up! The Work Break Timer (iOS) and Stand-Sit Stretch App Desk (Android).
3. Use a standing desk. You may not have room for a treadmill desk in your office, but you probably have room on your desk for a laptop stand (affiliate link) that you can raise when it’s time to get up and lower when it’s time to sit back down.
4. Walk while you meet. Need to have a quick meeting with a colleague? Why not have a walking meeting instead of sitting at a conference table?
5. Stretch at your desk. Every so often, stand up and shake the wiggles out! Or, you can stretch. Sure, your coworkers might think you’re strange, but you’ll be strange and productive. 😉
6. Eat away from your desk. No more eating at your desk! Get up and get out of your office (yes, even if you work from home).
Which one of these stand up productivity tips will you try? Share in the comments.
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Hey there, I’m Deb. I’m a Digital Productivity Coach and Consultant, Certified Professional Organizer®, speaker, and lover of all things tech. I’m also addicted to apps and love helping small business owners leverage technology so they can be more productive.

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Very eye-opening! I knew that standing up was good for us physically, but I didn’t know it also impacted on productivity. I also didn’t know that you could get an adjustable laptop stand – much more affordable than a new desk!

    1. Yes, much more affordable to get a laptop stand. I have the one that I mentioned in the post. I also use an app that reminds me to get up every hour. =)

  2. I have to admit I am surprised. I know that standing is better for you, but I’m blown away by this statistic! I wonder what the similar stat would be in a school environment. I find that I like standing at my computer, and I often move it to a bar height, which isn’t standing, but seems better to me than the lower desk level. I know my brain works better when I’m moving – all my best ideas come when walking:)

    1. It is a pretty big number, but there was another factor at play here. The employees who worked while standing were also newly employed, so it’s possible that they had a bit more motivation since they were the new kids on the block. But, that doesn’t explain why they were still productive (less so than at the beginning) even after several months. I actually like standing while working and would love, love to get a treadmill desk! =)

  3. The standing desks are very popular now. And possibly we need them more than ever as we spend SO much time at our computers. I also love the idea of “walking” meetings…getting movement, exercise, increased blood flow to the brain and body and also great for reducing stress.

    1. Hi Linda – I was ready to buy a standing desk, but then I wasn’t so fond how of how they looked. Apparently, there are no pretty standing desks. 😉 I’m all for getting more movement, too. But, sometimes when I’m in “the zone” and getting things done, I fight with myself to get up!

  4. Great tips, Deb! Standing more while I work is something I’m trying to improve (but haven’t quite gotten there), so these tips come at a good time! 🙂

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