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Leveraging Technology to Increase Productivity

Learn about the best technology tools to increase your business productivity

Mobile Apps

Are you searching for apps to help you easily run your company? Learn about the best productivity apps to communicate with your team, manage social, and run your business on the go on multiple devices. I have the hot list and will share it with you.


Do you have an effective blogging strategy? Spending too much time trying to write, edit, and find images for just one blog post? I’ll help you develop a time-saving writing action plan. Got plugins on your mind? I’ll help you pick the right ones that will make the writing process flow smoothly.

Social Media

Are you scratching your head about how to use social media to boost your brand’s visibility? Wasting time because you haven’t created a social media workflow? Learn how to effectively engage with your audience and network like a pro in just 30 minutes a day.

The Focus

Technology is meant to help us become better at what we do. The concept is so that we become more productive and effective both in business and in life. Unfortunately, it can also be the source of angst, profuse sweating, and the undeniable urge to scream and throw things, especially when money and business are involved.

Before you get to that point — or if you’re already dangerously close — get in touch and we’ll figure it out together, okay?

I make technology and small-business tech tools clear and understandable to real people. I keep the jargon to a minimum around here. I know it’s difficult to keep up with technology and it’s buzzwords, and this is where I can help.

I have been working with companies and brands for over 12 years, educating business owners, company founders, and CEOs on how to use technology and digital tools to boost their brand’s profile, develop the best workflows, and become more productive.

My mission is to help you get more accomplished so you can grow your business and change your corner of the world. Let’s use our tech power for the good, shall we?

Small Business Owners: Mobile Apps Save 5.6 Hours Per Week*

Small business owners have to juggle multiple tasks daily and time is a very precious commodity. Using the right tech tools can help you effectively manage your day so you can be more productive.

It is no surprise that productivity apps are becoming more popular. In fact, productivity apps have shown 150% growth each year (according to Flurry by Yahoo!).

Take advantage of the best mobile apps to see an improvement in your productivity and profitability.

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*Source: Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

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Supercharge Your Productivity

One-on-One Focused Time

Do you prefer one-on-one coaching and time dedicated to answering your burning questions?

I’ll go through your business in one-on-one sessions and give you unique and actionable advice. This works best so that you learn about powerful tech tools and get help with creating a strategy for improving your productivity.

Need to be More Productive?

Small business owners often have to juggle every aspect of their company as well as maintaining a professional and positive image. This could be anything from accounting & money handling, dealing with clients and prospects, and everything in between – depending on your industry.

It’s no surprise that running a small business or managing multiple freelance projects is often stressful, especially if you aren’t using the right tools available to you.

I can help you and your business select the productivity tools to keep your company running effectively and efficiently, and introduce you to tools that will help you successfully track and complete your projects.

Productivity and managing your time is essential, and there are tools that will keep you on top of it all. I’ll work with you to help you understand the tools that will ease the pressure and drive your business forward.

Create a Solid Social Media Plan & Workflow

In this age of the empowered customer, a deliberate and planned approach to social media helps companies keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s important to their audience.

Companies that embrace social media as a central part of their strategy quickly realize social media is not about pushing out promotional materials to their audience. It’s about having collaborative interactions with customers, prospects, and even employees –- allowing these companies to gain valuable insights, solidify long-lasting relationships, and cultivate customer advocates.

Don’t wing it! I’ll help you develop a social media strategic plan and workflow that’s easy-to-follow and to execute.

Got Wordpress?

The main reason it’s important for businesses to have a website is because when you’re online, you can be easily found by your ideal clients.

Most people will go online to research products and companies before they make a purchase. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a mass of potential business.

Even if people are indecisive and don’t buy your product or service straight away, your brand is out there, available for them when they are ready. It broadens your target audience and can get you noticed.

Let’s work together to ensure your WordPress site is ready for those clients who need your products and services. I’ll review the basics of WordPress with you and share actionable steps you can take to keep your site updated easily and effortlessly.

Need a Speaker for Your Event?

If you need an experienced, insightful, and down-to-earth speaker for your events, then get in touch.

I pride myself on my knowledge of the ever-changing small business technology landscape (yes, I’m an appaholic!) and have a track record of inspiring and empowering attendees at business conferences, in on-site trainings, and at a variety of in-person and virtual events.

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Get one-on-one coaching and time dedicated to answering your questions.
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specific strategies about how to best integrate them in your workflow.

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Looking for more? — Want to improve your productivity? Need a longer coaching and an accountability plan? Tell me what you need. I’ve been a business owner (just like you!) and a productivity specialist for over 12 years. And, I’ve got the scoop on the latest and greatest tech tools. I’m happy to discuss finding creative solutions for you if there is something unique you need and I have the ability to help. Just ask! Contact me.

*Schedule and complete your coaching call(s) within three months of signing up. All unused coaching calls will expire three months after purchase date.

What Clients Are Saying

Find out why clients love working with D. Allison Lee

It was indeed my good fortune to come across Deb Lee a couple of years ago. Our weekly coaching calls have helped me focus and deliver on a regular basis. Her most helpful piece of advice: “Even a small step will keep the energy moving forward” – and so it has proved to be. Her gentle yet firm support has been invaluable in progressing my various ventures. We take a holistic approach in that every component has an effect on life (surroundings, moods, events, circumstances) and you cannot dissociate how you feel from what you do. So, thank you, Debbie, onward and forward. Let’s keep enjoying this great journey of life.

Marite LGPhotographer and Foodie @

Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on business blogging. I knew I had a lot to learn (don’t know what you don’t know, right?) and your talk was just what I needed. Not only are you engaging and interesting, but you provided so much relevant information without crossing the line to being overwhelming. Given the topic, that’s quite a feat! With a wide range of expertise in the room, you found a way to speak directly to each of us …in language we could all understand.

Richard LecoursFounder & CEO @

Deb helped me to understand some of the many WP features that will help get better results from my blog posts. Her expertise helped me to save a ton of time.

Megan Spears, CPO®Organizing Consultant at

Deb Lee recently presented at a brunch for a DC-area women’s networking group that I co-founded. Our group,The Grapevine, includes women from a variety of organizations in the antitrust and consumer protection fields, including government enforcers, attorneys in private practice, economists, and women in academia. Deb developed a program on time-management issues that appealed across this broad spectrum of attendees. Her presentation was polished, professional, and engaging. Since this presentation, several attendees have contacted me to compliment our group, crediting Deb’s presentation to the success of the overall event.

Amanda WaitAttorney and Co-Founder @ The Grapevine

Deb Lee is a technology guru! I recently heard her presentation on productivity apps for small businesses, and although I pride myself on being a very productive person, I learned so many new things! Deb’s kind personality and obvious knowledge of all things tech made the presentation so enjoyable. I have attended various presentations in the past and I can honestly say that Deb’s was by far the most content rich and easy to listen to one that I have ever attended. I know that I have just discovered the tip of the iceberg in terms of what D. Allison Lee has to offer, and I’m excited to learn more from her in the near future!

Dawn GeorgeOwner @ Simply Organized Consulting

I have had a website for a couple of years, and recently switched to WordPress. Deb took the time to really help me understand some of the processes and applications that make managing my website more efficient.

She is a pleasure to talk with, and given the technology we have today, we were able to work in real time on my website to accomplish tasks. I strongly recommend her to anyone.

Keith McNeillyOwner @ Workplace Safety

The one-hour call with Deb was so beneficial to our business. We were amazed at what we were able to accomplish in a one hour focused phone call. All of our questions were answered by Deb in an engaging, warm, and intelligent manner. We walked away with next steps and lots of new tools for our blog (even money saving ones!). Getting the recording was a huge bonus and means we go back to the call for information and inspiration. We definitely will be contacting Deb again.

Amy NelsonProfessional Organizer @ Simplify Experts

Deb’s 4-hour workshop was excellent and chock full of useful information for both us and our clients. Her knowledge, sense of humor, and presentation skills made technology not something to be feared. In fact, there were several things that she taught us that I started to use right away. I would definitely recommend having Deb teach and/or coach if technology is something about which you are interested in learning more. You can’t go wrong!

Barbara BermanCertified Professional Organizer® @ BB’s Clutter Solutions

What I love is getting useful help on tools & technology. Not just general advice, but specific real-world knowledge I can use.

When I need information and answers, I know right where to turn! I feel more effective and efficient with the resources and tools I like and use.

Victoria CookThe Guilt-Free Coach @ The Center for Guilt-Free Succes

Deb gave an excellent, informative and fun workshop on Apps for Small Businesses to our Philadelphia Chapter. Those who are tech novices and those who are pretty tech savvy themselves all had something to learn. We can tell she did her homework on the rapidly changing apps that she was recommending, and she geared the presentation to our needs. Deb Lee’s knowledge of the subject matter and her delivery style make her a highly qualified teacher for anyone who wants to use technology to gain efficiency in their business. Before the day was over, our members were asking, “When can we have her back?”

Debbie LillardOwner @ Space to Spare, NAPO-GPC Chapter President

I’m repeatedly blown away by the depth and breadth of resource material Deb Lee provides. Every call delivers a plethora of tech solutions, and a wealth of information to help me make savvy, responsible decisions. As if that weren’t enough of a boon, Deb delivers practical information and resources with a delightful charm and clever wit!

Julie BestryCertified Professional Organizer® @ Best Results Organizing

Before beginning our work together, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hopeful that you could help, but unsure how you would be able to. Now that we’ve completed our tenure, I am happy and grateful for the skills I learned from you. My advice to anyone who is considering working with you is very simple: Start immediately. Do not delay.

Joseph CorcoranOwner @ Kleening Made Affordable

Denise Allan recently heard Deb Allison present at the NAPO conference and was impressed with Deb’s depth of knowledge about the role of blogging in marketing. Deb has since helped the Simplify Experts team define a better content marketing strategy. Deb answered all our WordPress and social media questions. Deb Allison is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to increase their visibility on the web.

Vlasta HillgerBlogger and Professional Organizer @ Simplify Experts

I recently launched my home and lifestyle organizing business and continually seek effective ways to market my company. One area I have been struggling with is how to create a captivating, well developed, concise blog to share organizing and lifestyle tips with my clients and potential clients. I attended Deb’s session on Content Marketing: Blogging Tips for Your Small Business at the National Association of Professional Organizers conference. Her presentation was simple to understand and comprehensive. As a follow-up to our session, she provided us with an emailed blog post template to assist in taking me step by step through the process. I think the only way to make this easier is for her to write the blog for me, too. Thank you, Deb.

Sherri Becker CurleyOwner @ The Practical Sort

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