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Build a Solid Foundation • Gain Confidence • Leverage Technology •
Work Efficiently
 Prepare for Solopreneur Success

Start Right with SoloRight

Build a solid foundation and launch confidently

I get it. Starting something new isn’t easy, but with the right plan and the best tech tools it can work beautifully. Solid preparation will give you the confidence to share your skills and talents and put them to good use!

Pursue your passion

Become your own boss

Control your time and schedule

Work from virtually anywhere

 What’s Inside 

Step-by-step Guidance + Real Life Examples

 From one solopreneur (me) to another (you!), you’ll get step-by-step guidance across to help you start your solo business journey off on the right foot, stay productive, and reach your profit potential.

Downloadable Resources
Get worksheets, email scripts, checklists, and templates so you don’t have to start from scratch and can just hit the ground running!

On-Demand Audio Lessons
Take your lessons with you! Listen in the car, while talking a walk, jogging on the treadmill, uncluttering your workspace, or even doing laundry. And go back and listen whenever you’d like.

Lesson Summaries
Use summaries to get the gist of each lesson and help reinforce what you’ve learned.

Meet your instructor, Deb.

Deb, founder of D. Allison Lee and the woman behind SoloRight Courses has been a productivity consultant for over 15 years. She’s worked with countless small business owners to help them master the power of technology and become more efficient and productive.


Start Your Dream Solopreneur Business!

By the end of the course, you will have…

PLUS you will have fast tracked your learning with lots of resources like worksheets, checklists, templates, cheat sheets, and more!

WOW This is so helpful for anyone starting their new business …

… so many tech tools to sort through. I’ve known Deb for many years and she is the Queen of tech — this course is sure to be so valuable! – Gina Schreck 


Create the Right Plan

Leverage Tech Tools

Succeed and be Profitable

In 7 Weeks:

Go From Inexperience to Prepared •

Start Confidently • Launch Your Solo Business •

Leverage Technology for Maximum

Productivity & Profit

Your Course Modules $497

Module 1 – Get Started

These are the parts of starting a business that can stall your progress and stop you before you start. I’ll help make these steps clear and point you in the right direction so you can make the best decisions and create a solid foundation for your solo business.

  • Choose your business structure (it matters during tax time!)
  • Identify your ideal clients (no, you can’t take money from just anyone)
  • Nail down your rates (you can be fair and get paid what you’re worth)

Module 2 – Work Basics

Solopreneurship is an exciting time especially when you know what to expect and you’re prepared. I’ll help you avoid some known pitfalls and guide you through the process as you:

  • Handpick your squad so you can get the support you need
  • Choose your essential business partners (yep, different than your squad) 
  • Pick your remote and home office “must-haves” and set up even the smallest area so you can get stuff done

Module 3 – Marketing 101

If you build it, they won’t (automatically) come. That’s where marketing steps in. I’ll explain how to use specific marketing tactics to your advantage to build brand awareness, maximize visibility, engage your target audience, and drive sustainable business growth.

  • Marketing pillars and why they matter
  • The ripple effect of authentic word-of-mouth recommendations (and how to get them)
  • Social media platforms and where to find your people
  • Your website and how it can start selling before you even talk to your potential clients

Module 4 – Productivity Solutions 

I know it’s hard to stay focused, especially when you’re tasked with managing everything. This module will give you solid strategies to become an efficient and productive solopreneur.  I’ll show you how to:

  • Cultivate “mindset magic”
  • Build a customized schedule that maximizes your “golden hours”
  • Easily stop the #1 productivity killer in its tracks
  • Use the “Productivity Power Couple” to become a peak performer (and more!)

Module 5 – Your Tech Toolkit  

You need the best apps for your customized tech stack. But you don’t need to spend gobs of time doing online searches. I’ve got you covered. I’ve done the research and will recommend apps to manage the key areas of your business.

  • What features to look for
  • Software with AI baked in so you can supercharge your productivity
  • Apps to help you create, collaborate, and connect with clients like a boss


All modules will have “next steps” so you can take action straight away. And some have a little extra oomph so you can really the ground running and enhance your learning. Take advantage of:

  • Checklists
  • Swipe files
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Videos

Your investment: $497

Your Burning Questions, Answered.

I’m so excited that your interested in SoloRight Courses for Solopreneurs!

I’ll be opening enrollment on January 19th. Be sure to join my waitlist here to get notifications and upcoming details on all of the upcoming SoloRight announcements!

This is an exciting time for you as a budding solopreneur! And you’re in the right place because this course is designed to help you launch your solo business.

That means you’ll get practical guidance and actionable strategies to set you on the path to solopreneur success. You will learn about foundational topics like business structures, how to choose your ideal client, and pricing strategies, and how to optimize your workspace.

PLUS you’ll get valuable insights into solopreneurship and the knowledge you need to enhance your productivity, profitability, and overall business efficiency.

Come as you are! No specific prerequisites are required. The course is structured to help you become your own boss regardless of your background.
This course caters to budding solopreneurs and those new to solopreneurship (less than 2 years in business). Experienced entrepreneurs  who want to make a pivot, optimize, or diversify their services can also benefit from this course.

You’ll get access to one module each week so that you can focus on that module’s lessons without getting overwhelmed. That way, you will stay focused and get the current week’s content under your belt before moving on to the next module.

(note: no lessons are dropped during implementation weeks)

Great question! You’ll get are practical tools (a.k.a. downloadable resources) you can use right away like checklists, templates, swipe files, and audio lessons to enrich your learning experience.

BONUS: They will save you time because you’re not starting from scratch!

Yes, there is a refund policy. Of course, I want you to be happy with your investment, and I encourage you to make every effort to wholeheartedly engage with and implement the strategies outlined in the course. 

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee for the course which is subject to certain conditions .To be eligible for a refund, please send an email to [email protected] with your completed coursework along with the specific reasons why the course didn’t work for you within 14 days of purchase.

Though you can complete the course in 7 weeks, it is designed to be flexible. That way, you can learn at your own pace. There’s no rigid timeframe so you can absorb the content at a speed that suits your schedule and learning style.

That said, there are 5 modules delivered “live” over 7 weeks including 2 “implementation weeks.”

Oh, yes! You can access the course content on various devices which will give you the flexibility to learn from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone — whichever is most convenient for you.

Using technology is part of being a modern-day solo business owner.

That said, you’ll be getting recommendations for apps that I’ve used and/or researched for my own clients. My goals is always to share apps that are easy to use because nobody has time to figure out complicated software. Amirite?

(besides, you don’t a bunch of apps — just a few essential ones especially when you first start your solo business journey)

I’ll do my part to share the best, easy to use tech tools and you’ll do your part to follow along with the lessons so that tech doesn’t stop you from reaching your dream of becoming a solo business owner.

You don’t need a bunch of tech tools, just a few basics. I will cover the essential tech tools you will need during module 2. BTW, you don’t need fancy tech either. A simple set up will work just fine.

Enroll Today and get these EXTRA Bonuses

(free with purchase!) 

soloright academy coming soon

Get prepared, start your solopreneur journey with SoloRight, and avoid …

not seizing your moment

… not reaching your full potential

… starting from scratch

… getting overwhelmed and winging it

… being stuck with no direction

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