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How Artificial Intelligence Increases Business Productivity

Over the years there has been a rise in the use of technology in everyday businesses. But, this doesn’t simply mean the standard computers or hard drives we use in our daily routines. Newer technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise in the workplace especially because of the productivity benefits.

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7 Steps for Sustained Business Success

As a business owner, it is great to make a big splash and lots of sales on opening day. But it’s far better to build a business that succeeds over the long term.

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The Number One Place to Put Calls to Action

Do you include Calls to Action (CTAs) in all your marketing messages? If you’re not, this is a good time to start. Keep reading to learn why.

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Top Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs

Today’s post was written by the Community Outreach Coordinator for HP’s Small Business Solutions.

Small Businesses are now being targeted by hackers more than any other business segment, according to a recent report from cybersecurity firm Symantec. With almost 50% of SMBs experiencing a data breach in 2016, having an understanding of cybersecurity and how potential breaches can affect your business is critical for companies of any size.

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How to Create Super Strong Passwords

Do you have super strong passwords for your digital accounts? Strong, reliable online security measures are a must for modern day entrepreneurs.

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10 Marketing Terms Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Bounce Rate. Calls to Action. Lead magnet. Inbound Marketing. What do these terms have in common? They’re all marketing terms you will likely come across as you begin to promote your small business or freelancing gig. And, they’re also discussed in today’s blog post (along with a few others), so be sure to bookmark this post.

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How to Write a Simple, Easy, Successful Marketing Plan

Check out these tips from Renee Moore on how to write a marketing plan. Updated on July 18, 2016.

Have you decided that this is the year to start your new business? Do you know where you’ll find clients? Do you have a marketing plan?

Maybe you were laid off or you just decided that the two-hour commute was more than you wanted to deal with. So, now you have taken over the spare bedroom. You have the beautiful, clear desk you always wanted, a laptop, bookshelves, wall calendar, and smartphone. You are set to take in clients. But, there is one problem. You have no idea how to market yourself to get clients.

A simple marketing plan will help you attract all the clients you need.

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