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Top Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs

Today’s post was written by the Community Outreach Coordinator for HP’s Small Business Solutions.

Small Businesses are now being targeted by hackers more than any other business segment, according to a recent report from cybersecurity firm Symantec. With almost 50% of SMBs experiencing a data breach in 2016, having an understanding of cybersecurity and how potential breaches can affect your business is critical for companies of any size.

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How to Create Super Strong Passwords

Do you have super strong passwords for your digital accounts? Strong, reliable online security measures are a must for modern day entrepreneurs.

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Fact Friday: Work at Home if You Want to Be Happier at Work

It’s time for Fact Friday! Would you be surprised to learn that you might feel happier at work if you spent more time working at home?

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Create a Blogging Guide for Your Small Business Blog

Have you created a blogging guide for your small business blog? Why do you need one?

At first glance, blogging may seem to require little effort. Just sign up for WordPress, get a hosting company, grab a nice skin (or theme) for your blog, and then start writing. Simple, right?

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10 Business Travel Apps to Keep You Organized

Traveling for business (or even to just get away) can be very stressful and tiring. Traveling during the holidays can be an absolute nightmare. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is just another way of saying, “There’s an app for that!”

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Vine is Getting Killed Off. Now What? [Updated]

Update: Vine did not officially die. Instead, it became Vine Camera on January 17, 2017. See the FAQs and get more information.

By now, you know that I think that video marketing can be super awesome for small business peeps, especially since there are several ways you can use it to your advantage. I should probably use recorded and livestreaming video more myself, but that’s a story for another day.

What you might not have heard — unless you’re on Twitter a lot — is that another video platform has been kicked to the curb. Like Blab, Vine is going to be killed off.  It’s still around for now, but not for long.

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Fact Friday: Want to Increase Productivity? Stand Up!

It’s time for Fact Friday! Today’s statistic might not shock you, but it might inspire you to stand up and boost your productivity.

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5 Ways to Use Live Stream Video in Your Business

Live stream video can be a huge game changer for small businesses. It’s an easy and fun way for just about anyone (from a one-man-show to large corporations) to connect with audiences anywhere across the globe.

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7 Super Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Do you procrastinate? A little bit? A lot? There are some who say procrastination can be helpful and others who say that it is so bad that you really should kick the habit pronto.

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, there will be times when you simply must start working on your MIPs or MITs — your most important projects or tasks. The due date is looming and you have to get your butt in gear. Or, perhaps you just don’t like the massive adrenaline rush your feel when you’re up against a tight deadline.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, keep reading to learn about seven super simple ways you can force, er, encourage yourself to take even the smallest of baby steps to just get started.

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PicMonkey Update: New Mobile App and Hub Smart Storage

There’s lots of exciting news about two of my favorite apps! Recently, Canva introduced a new iPhone mobile app with an Android version soon to follow. Not to be outdone, PicMonkey, made a couple of big announcements, too.

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Canva for iPhone is Here!

No one was more tickled than I was when I heard that Canva for iPhone is now available! Well, perhaps there were a few gazillion Canva fanatics who felt the same. Oh, and don’t worry, Android peeps. Canva for your device is coming soon.

So, what’s all the excitement about? Well, first, here’s a brief refresher about this simple yet powerful image editing tool. Already love Canva? Scroll down to see what you can do with the new iPhone app.

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Blogging Motivation: 7 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Is your blogging motivation in the floor? Are you struggling to find a reason to write or topics to blog about? It’s not unusual to feel uninspired or even unsure if anyone would even want to read what you have to say.

It happens to the best of us. And, fortunately, there are some specific actions you can take to get your blogging mojo back.

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