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SumAll: Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business

SumAll is an analytics tool that tracks your social media statistics and web traffic numbers. It’s pretty standard, but I use the online service specifically with my Twitter account (though you can use it with Facebook and other accounts).

This is why SumAll stood out and how this company got my attention in the first place
Bing! I received a new notification on my phone that I was mentioned on Twitter. One of my colleagues sent out this tweet:
“My best RTs this week came from: @DecoratingFiles @sanespaces @life_on_track @ClutterNoMore #thankSAll via”

SumAll: Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business |
Sum All: Twitter Analytics for Your Small Business

SumAll: Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business

“Wow!” I thought. She is really on top of her game. I should be thanking my retweeters like that as well. Intrigued, I clicked on the link in her tweet and was taken to the Sum All home page.
Fascinated even more, I e-mailed my colleague who sent out that tweet for her personal opinion about SumAll. Her review was good, and what really caught my attention was the fact that the “appreciation” tweet was published automatically.
“Ooh!” I thought. She’s on top of her game without having to think about it. That’s my kind of efficiency, so off I went to sign up for a free account.
Now, Sum All tracks my Twitter activity and sends me an e-mail each week with a detailed report of my stats like mentions, reach, retweets and so on. Of course, it also sends out my “appreciation” tweets automatically to give a big shout out to my best retweeters. I love, love, love it!
The automation is a huge benefit.

Three Reasons to Love SumAll

1. Automatic e-mails

The automatic e-mail I receive every week detailing my Twitter stats removes the whole process of having to go and check my numbers. Instead, SumAll brings it directly to me in my inbox.

SumAll: Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business |
Get a weekly digest of all your statistics

2. Easy to understand statistics

The weekly e-mail, though detailed, is easy to read. What do I mean by that? There isn’t a bunch of hubbub. It’s a clean, organized chart that shows me my numbers from this week (easy to read) and compares it to last week (detailed).

SumAll: Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business |
Easy to understand statistics

3. High-fives for retweeters

The automatic shout-outs sent to my retweeters is huge. In fact, it’s my favorite part. This is one of the things that gurus say you must do every week – engage with those who comment on your stuff and thank those who share it – and I do. However, now on Twitter, I’m doing it without lifting a finger to my keyboard.

SumAll: Social Media Analytics for Your Small Business|
Automatically thank your bets retweeters
There you have it: three great reasons why I love ONE of Sum All’s amazing features. Boy, is it worth it! Now, I too, am on top of my game without having to think about it.
What about you? Do you use their service or one like it? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I use SumAll but didn’t activate the “thank retweeters” feature when I signed up, because at the time was doing that for me. However, I’ve since deactivated because it was acknowledging the same new followers over and over again to the point where one brought it to my attention, so I’m going to go do that now!

    1. I love the “thank retweeters” feature too! However, SumAll got rid of their free version. Did you sign up for the paid service? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

  2. I heard of SumAll, but haven’t used it yet. I am still liking the free version of I started using it last year and it has helped me analysis my followers list and do auto shout outs. I don’t do autoshouts that often because I prefer responding to people I have been corresponding with personally but I use it for people who have retweeted but aren’t following me. Like SumAll, I do enjoy the data it gives me spesifically for Twitter. Thanks for sharing, Deb! I will check it out and share with my admin clients.

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