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LinkedIn: 3 Simple Tips To Increase Leads

There’s a lot of buzz about LinkedIn these days, but what the heck is it anyway? As a small business owner (or someone who’s looking for a career change), LinkedIn can be a great resource. And, you might find potential clients there.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that serves the business community. In my opinion, it is one of the top social media websites and very worthy of checking out and getting involved in.
It’s like attending a networking event except it’s online, and you don’t have to get dressed up for it.
You meet new people, give out your business card, create relationships and hopefully work together in the future. It’s a fantastic resource and can be used to your advantage with small amounts of time and effort.

LinkedIn: 3 Simple Tips To Increase Leads |

Why Should You Use LinkedIn?

I follow a bunch of social media experts online and found that they had some of the same ingredients when it came to LinkedIn success. I put their tips into action in the last few months and what do you know?! Success! I’ve already gotten a client that I meet with on a regular basis, and that alone is enough proof that LinkedIn is worth a shot and the following tips will work.
By doing a few simple things, you can achieve similar results.

LinkedIn: 3 Simple Tips To Increase Leads

Here are the top three LinkedIn tips you can use to increase leads. I learned these strategies from social media experts far and wide and highly recommend you put them into practice.

LinkedIn: 3 Simple Tips To Increase Leads | DAllisonLee.com1. Complete your profile

First, it is imperative that you simply complete your profile.  I know this seems obvious, but many people don’t do this and it costs them.
Second, the first thing people should read on your profile is how you can help them. This way, they can quickly learn what you offer instead of immediately clicking away, and then you can funnel them to your website or e-mail list.

2. Do the networking

LinkedIn: 3 Simple Tips To Increase Leads | DAllisonLee.comAdd connections on a regular basis. As a frame of reference, I invite two new contacts to connect per day. If you don’t want to commit daily time to it, then add 14 new connections one day a week. The bottom line is to add contacts regularly, so that your network is constantly growing.
Once you connect, send your new contact a welcome message. I HIGHLY recommend this. I crafted a customizable welcome message and it’s saved in my Drafts folder.
When I have a new connection, I copy the welcome text into a LinkedIn message, customize it with their name and send it. I’ve gotten great responses from new connections by doing this simple, quick task and have also grown my social media following because of it.

3. Get active

It doesn’t have to be every day, but get involved regularly. I would recommend some sort of participation at least once a week. This can include taking part in group discussions, posting status updates of your own, and liking and commenting on others’ status updates.
What has been your experience with LinkedIn? Do you have a specific question? Please share it in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!
If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn or take a look at my page as an example, feel free to check out my profile here. Looking forward to connecting!

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