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Your Quiz Results are In!

To-Do Tornado

Based on your quiz answers, you’re currently a To-Do Tornado.

This means you probably take on a lot of projects all at once, are constantly jumping from action item to action item, and get frustrated when you haven’t completed as much as you’d hoped.

Common strengths of a To-Do Tornado include a “can-do” attitude, serious commitment, and openness to all the opportunities in the world.

And, some pitfalls include overcommitting yourself, not finishing things, and unrealistic planning.

Ok, Now what?

The work you do makes such an impact on your slice of the world. You are so generous and dedicated to helping your village, but, who’s helping you? Well, I am! You need to nurture your flow to create a rhythm of work and rest that nourishes you. 

And then you can revel in some peace as you show up as your best self each and every day.

One Tactic to Adopt Right Now

The tactic I recommend that will give you the biggest bang for your buck is practice prioritizing using The Eisenhower Matrix.

Listen, you’ve got this incredible “can-do” spirit and a drive that most would envy. But with so many opportunities swirling around, it’s easy to get caught up in the urgent and forget about what truly matters. That’s where the Eisenhower Matrix comes in, your new secret weapon!

Think of it like a map for your to-do list. It helps you categorize tasks based on two key factors: urgency (does it need to be done ASAP?) and importance (does it align with your bigger goals?).

It can help you stop the overwhelm, tame the urgency monster, and prioritize like a boss! It’s not just about urgency or importance – it’s about finding the sweet spot where both collide. The Matrix helps you visualize your priorities and make informed decisions about how to spend your precious time.

Now, I like to keep things simple and action-oriented. So, don’t worry about memorizing fancy terms or getting stuck in analysis paralysis. 

Here’s the gist:

  • Urgent & Important: Do these first! Deadlines loom, and these tasks directly impact your goals. Think presentations, client meetings, or that personal project you’re burning to finish.
  • Important & Not Urgent: Schedule these! They might not be screaming deadlines, but they’re crucial for your long-term success. Think planning, learning new skills, or nurturing important relationships. ️
  • Urgent & Not Important: Delegate or ditch! These tasks might feel pressing, but they don’t contribute much to your goals. Can someone else handle them, or can you let them go?
  • Not Important & Not Urgent: Just say no! These are pure time-wasters. Learn to recognize and politely decline them. ‍Or, use them as your reward when you’ve put in the work!

Remember, you’re defined by your ability to harness your energy and focus it strategically. The Eisenhower Matrix can be a powerful tool in your fight against overwhelm and clearly show you where to put your attention.. Give it a try to see how it can help you conquer your world, one focused task at a time!

There's an App for That

I am a huge advocate for using technology to make it easy. Because if it’s easy, you’ll get it done!

And the app for you is Google Tasks. Basically, it’s a simple to-do list app that lets you organize, prioritize, and track your tasks across all your devices. And when you pair it with Google Tasks, you’ll get a powerful combination.

Here’s how you can mash them up to supercharge your productivity:

  1. Categorize your tasks: Use the Matrix to identify which tasks are Urgent & Important, Important & Not Urgent, and so on.
  2. Create lists in Google Tasks: Label each list according to the Matrix categories.
  3. Add tasks and details: Add your tasks to their respective lists, including due dates and reminders if needed.
  4. Schedule focus time:  Block out specific time slots in your calendar to tackle each category (e.g., mornings for urgent tasks, afternoons for important but not urgent ones).
  5. Mark it done! As you complete tasks, check them off in Google Tasks and celebrate your progress!

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