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Your Quiz Results are In!

Free Flowing Falcon

Based on your quiz answers, you’re currently a Free-Flowing Falcon.

This means you probably rely on intuition, like an open calendar to do long periods of deep work, and perhaps struggle with deadlines and accomplishing as much as your ambitious heart wishes to.

Common strengths of a Free Flowing Falcon include creativity, innovation, spontaneity, and collaboration.

And, some pitfalls include procrastination, difficulty with focus, and disorganization.

Ok, Now what?

The work you do makes such an impact on your slice of the world. You are so generous and dedicated to helping your village, but, who’s helping you? Well, I am!

You need to nurture your flow to create a rhythm of work and rest that nourishes you. And then you can revel in some peace as you show up as your best self each and every day.

One Tactic to Adopt Right Now

The tactic I recommend that will give you the biggest bang for your buck without clipping your wings is Timeboxing.

Think of it as building your own personalized wind tunnels, where you dedicate specific bursts of time to specific tasks. 

So instead of an open calendar, dedicate specific “boxes” of time to focused work. Divide projects into smaller, time-bound chunks (e.g., 2 hours for writing, 1 hour for brainstorming). This creates structure without crushing your spontaneity.

Here’s why it’s perfect for you:

  • Flexible Flight: Unlike rigid schedules, Timeboxing lets you set timeframes that match your natural rhythm. Want to soar through a writing session for an hour? Go for it! Need a shorter burst for brainstorming? No problem! You’re in control of the wind currents.
  • Tames the Mess: Ever feel overwhelmed by a to-do list as vast as the sky? Timeboxing helps you conquer it piece by piece. Dedicate a timebox to organizing your emails or planning your projects, and watch the chaos transform into calm clarity.
  • Calms the Storm: That open calendar stretching before you can feel like a never-ending sky, right? Timeboxing breaks it down into manageable chunks, making tasks seem less daunting and reducing that anxious flutter in your feathers.

There's an App for That

I am a huge advocate for using technology to make it easy. Because if it’s easy, you’ll get it done!

And that app is Forest. That’s because it will let you gamify your focus! The app lets you plant virtual trees and watch them grow as you stay focused and get things done. But there’s a catch! The trees will wither if you stray from your task, motivating you to stay productive and avoid distractions.

So you can fire up the Forest app and start planting your virtual trees at the start of your timebox. It’s a fun way to cultivate concentration (and keep the trees alive!) and avoid the lure of procrastination. Win!

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