Fact Friday: Work at Home if You Want to Be Happier at Work

It’s time for Fact Friday! Would you be surprised to learn that you might feel happier at work if you spent more time working at home?

”Want to feel engaged at work? Try spending most of your time at home. Workers who spent some time working remotely, however, were slightly more likely to report a high rate of engagement. They were also more likely than full-remote or full-office workers to say they had a best friend at work, and that their job included opportunities to learn and grow.”

[Source: Quartz ~ The happiest worker spends about one day a week in the office]

Are you surprised by these Gallup poll results? Here’s why I’m not very shocked — when you spend one day or more working from home, you don’t have to deal with traffic and getting all the trappings you need for working in the office. For instance, if your office has a dress code (is there an office that doesn’t?), you can be a bit more casual at home.

This can translate into feeling happier and less stressed. And, when you’re happier, you’re likely to feel more engaged and may see a boost in your productivity.

Still, working from home is not without its challenges. To improve your chance of getting stuff done when you work from home, try out the seven simple tips listed below.

Fact Friday: Work at Home if You Want to Be Happier at Work

Want to be happier at work? Stay home more.

Stay Productive: 6 Tips for Working at Home

1. Get up. It can be very easy to keep hitting the snooze button when you don’t have to be in the office by a certain time. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have work to do. Set your alarm and get up! If you really have trouble, give the Runaway Alarm clock (affiliate link) or The Shock Clock a whirl.

2. Get dressed. Jump out of your PJs and find clothing that will help put you in a working mood. Above all else, be sure that your clothes are comfortable and not restrictive. Btw, to save a bit of time, pick them out the evening before.

3. Make a list. Write down your top two or three priorities for the day. These are the tasks that you must work on. Sure, you can work on other things — but only after you take care of your priorities.

4. Set up shop. Wherever you decide to work for the day should be ready with all the supplies that you’ll need. Be sure to use an organized workspace with enough room for you to comfortably work. If necessary, prepare your workspace the night before so you can begin working straight away the next day.

5. Ignore the mess. No, you don’t have to do laundry. Or, wash the dishes. Or, clean the living room. These are all interruptions and distractions that will keep you from what you really should be working on. You should simply ignore them until you’re finished with the work day.

6.  Use an app. Do you have a tendency to get easily distracted? There are several apps like Rescue Time and Focus Booster that can help you kick those bright shiny things to the curb and stay on track. Keep in mind that you don’t need a whole host of apps. Just choose one (or two) that will keep you focused and on task.

7. Stop working. It’s super easy to keep working when you don’t have to leave the office to beat traffic or catch the subway at a certain time. You might be on a tear and manhandling your task list. It can be hard to stop and let go of the feeling of accomplishment you’re enjoying.

But, stop you must. Work too long and you’ll miss out on much needed down time and sleep. Consider setting a timer to remind you when it’s time to stop.

What do you do to stay productive when you work from home? Please share in the comments.

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