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Every woman dreams of having a Carrie Bradshaw closet — a  space as big as her master bedroom that’s full of beautiful clothes, designer shoes, and a jewelry armoire the size of a dresser. Sadly, this dream isn’t a reality for most women. In fact, my reality is from from this dream. I share a closet with my husband, and it’s not even a walk-in. It’s a built-in-the-80s-sized sliding door closet.

Despite my small space, I’ve managed to steal tips and tricks from these dream closets — and I’m going to show how you can too!



closet lighting

This attic closet is simply amazing with its sloped ceilings and racks of clothes as far as the eye can see. Part of what makes this closet so great is the lighting. The skylights introduce an abundance of natural light, and the white walls, mirror, and reflective art on the slanted ceilings make this space simply glow.

Now, you might not be able to knock a window into your closet, but chances are you can add some lighting. After months of searching for clothes in the dark, I added a small light to our closet, and it makes all the difference in the world.



closet shelving

If you have the room to add shelving to your closet, by all means do it! Not everything can (or should) be hung up. Shelves are great for shoes, pants, handbags, and delicate tops that shouldn’t be hung. If shelving isn’t an option, at least invest in a shoe rack and some organization tower tubs. Although these additions take up precious space, they’ll keep things organized in a way that helps you make the most of your items.



 closet organization

You know what makes this closet so beautiful? It’s not the roses or the Tory Burch shopping bags. It’s how organized it is! Even the tiniest closet can take organization inspiration from this beauty.

This woman has her clothes organized by style and color. Bright pants are hung over hangers on the top left. Shirts are on the bottom left. Long pants are organized on the top right, arranged by hue. Also, I love how all of the hangers are the same. This isn’t really necessary, but it’s much more aesthetically pleasing if all your hangers are the same color.



beautiful closet

This closet is just pretty. Its chandelier, flowers, candles, mirror details, and coffee table books are enough to make anyone feel like a queen. And while this probably isn’t an option for you, there are ways to beautify the smallest of spaces. Take an afternoon to take everything out of your closet. Clean it with a damp cloth and dust everything off. Put some some delicious-smelling sachets in it, or add a nice-smelling bar of soap (this doubles as scent and moth protection!).

If you have drawers, add pretty drawer liners to them for color and protection for your clothes. If you have a walk-in, try adding a mirror to a wall or the back of the door; this is practical and makes your closet appear bigger. And if room allows, why not add a little wall art to your closet? You may be the only person who sees it, but that’s okay if it makes your closet feel more special to you!

Do you have any tricks for turning a regular closet into dream-worthy inspiration?


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