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Why You Should Create Twitter Lists

Have you ever wanted to just follow a specific set of people on Twitter? … to just focus in on the conversation among one group of people? Putting your tweeps in separate buckets can be very helpful, especially when you follow quite a few of them. And, you can easily do that by creating Twitter lists.

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Why I Love Evernote

This post is about why I love Evernote and why I think you will, too. But, first, a little background …

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Fact Friday: Your Desk is Trying to Kill You

“…when we sit all day, ‘electrical activity in the muscles drops… leading to a cascade of harmful metabolic effects,’ and sadly even getting regular doses of exercise doesn’t offset the damage. But now there’s new evidence of the harm of sitting. Not only is it making you fatter, it might also be making you dumber.”

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Your Desk is Making You Stupid | | 7.18.2012


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3 Ways to Get Past Decision Paralysis

3 Ways to Move Past Decision Paralysis

The stacks of magazines, the piles of papers, the stuff crowding the car out of the garage — there can be many reasons for clutter like this, but one of the most common is unmade decisions or decision paralysis. You look at a piece of paper, can’t decide what to do with it, and put it back in the pile. You are stuck.

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A Cautionary Tale About Cable Clutter

This post was updated on May 1, 2016.

Today’s post will not be for everyone. In fact, if you tend to have a sensitive disposition, you may not want to watch the video at the end of this post. If this describes you, you can stop here and read one of our other posts about simple ways to use technology.

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Simple Time Management: Figure Out Your Time Wasters

This post was updated on December 7, 2015.

If you struggle with managing your time, one key step to gaining control is to figure out the things that distract you and take your attention away from the things you really should be doing. Any task that stops you from completing your most important tasks (MITs) are basically time wasters.

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Simple Time Management: Get More Done With the WADE Formula

Use the WADE Formula by Julie Morgenstern to get more done.

*This post was updated September 10, 2015.

Raise your hand if you have lots to do and suffer from “not-enough-time-in-the-day” syndrome. Even if you just have one finger in the air, you should take a peek at the WADE formula. 

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Simple Time Management: Control Your Day With a Time Plan

control your day with a time plan

*This post was updated September 10, 2015.

Do you sometimes get to the end of a day and wonder where the time went? You were busy and it seemed that you did a lot of things, and yet, you didn’t seem to get many things accomplished.

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4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Scarves

How to Organize Your Scarves

These days, everyone is getting in on the scarf trend. And not just during winter. People are wearing scarves year round now. They’re collecting a bevy of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles.

Now, this is good and all — but this poses a threat to our perfectly organized homes. Once your scarf collection reaches the double digits, how can you keep them tamed and manageable?

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Small Business Owners! Write Your Business Plan with @Enloop.

*This post was updated September 10, 2015.

Business plans are fun, aren’t they? Such interesting reading. Extremely engaging. And, the best part is, they never need updating. The preceding statement is, of course, completely slathered in sarcasm.

I’m sure you already know that just because you might not like writing a business plan, that doesn’t mean it’s not helpful to have one.

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