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Remember the Brady Bunch? … man and 3 boys, mom and 3 girls, and their gal Alice who helped keep their lives running smoothly? Well, now there’s Modern Family with the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan working and playing together.  

Blended family” is the current term that refers to a family composed of a couple and their children from previous marriages. Blended families are part of almost every family now, whether they include grandma and her new spouse, your sibling and partner, or your children from prior marriages.

When family members come together under one roof, organization is an important part of a smooth running family life.

Blended Family

Being organized promotes a sense of calm

Clutter can bring on chaos, fuel strong emotions (which can run high), and can increase stress for each family member. So, bringing a sense of calm to an environment is important.

Setting up a home with a place for each family member, a spot for their belongings, and inviting family spaces can build community in a blended family. Doing this will help everyone feel like they belong and are respected in a home where everyone has a place to sleep and a place for their clothes, toys, and gadgets.

More family members means more stuff, so be on guard about keeping clutter away from family areas. Consider setting up a night time ritual to redistribute stuff to appropriate spots before everyone goes off to bed.

Being organized includes good time management

blended family calendarHaving a good handle on time management will help family members know who is coming and going, what activities are coming up, and when everyone will be home for dinner. This type of organization can bring another level of cohesiveness to a family.

When everyone feels informed and connected with a family calendar (affiliate link), family members will be encouraged to work together as a team. Sharing family responsibilities, like dinner preparation and laundry duties, furthers the blending process. When families eat and talk together, they keep the lines of communication open, and a nice side effect is that this helps to build lasting connections and strong family bonds.

Being organized adds consistency and promotes flexibility

Research has shown how important consistency is for all children. Consistency comes with the solid routines of family life. These regular habits can include doing laundry or grocery shopping on certain days and regular bedtime routines. Kids thrive when they know they can rely on specific activities each day.

And, when life is organized and things don’t go as planned, as we well know can happen often, being organized gives you the opportunity to make changes as needed. Having a balance of consistency and flexibility can also build resiliency, a key life skill.

Being organized can have a positive impact on you as a parent, on your kids, on your stepchildren — all your family members.  How will you organize your blended family?

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