Scan Papers In A Snap With The Genius Scan App

On July 9, 2013, in Apps, by Nealey Stapleton
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Genius Scan is a genius little app! It is an app that offers a very quick and easy way to “scan” something without an actual scanner or computer nearby. It is fantastic and I’ve used it for both business and personal reasons.

Here are some of its handy features…

Forget the scanner and the computer. With Genius Scan, scanning a piece of paper is as easy as taking a photo with your mobile device. It takes all the work and the waiting out of scanning.


Once you’ve “scanned” something, you can enhance the colors as well as crop and straighten the document. No need to worry if the photo you took was a little crooked.


Once you’ve edited your scanned image, it will save as a PDF. With this feature, you can group documents together to make multi-page PDFs.

Assign your document a title AND tags. This way you can search for a specific document and find it in a snap.


Share any documents you’ve created with others by simply using the email feature in this cool little app.

There are even more features like a nice user interface, advanced image processing, and backing up via Wi-Fi…and it’s all FREE! If you want more features, you can upgrade to Genius Scan+ for only $2.99. What a deal!

Now that you know how cool it is, here are some ways I’ve found the app helpful.

Business – I was leaving a client’s house and received payment via personal check. Instead of going home, making a copy of the check , and then going back out to the bank, I used Genius Scan. I took a photo of the check with my iPhone and “scanned” it. Then, I emailed it to myself, so I had a copy for my records. It was simple, quick, and easy!

Personal – My husband received a crazy medical bill in the mail, and we wanted his mother to take a look at it since she had experience dealing with this sort of thing. She asked us to scan and e-mail the bill to her. While my husband was still on the phone with her, I used Genius Scan to do just that. It was in her inbox before they hung up!

Words don’t even fully express how easy and convenient this app is. You really have got to try it!

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