5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Family Meeting

On July 1, 2013, in Busy People, by Ellen Delap
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family meeting

Communicating regularly and creating strong connections are very important for your family.  Time together can often be in short supply because of busy family schedules. Prioritizing the family meeting makes everyone feel more a part of the team and work together, as well as learn valuable organizing skills.

Start each week with a family meeting.  The meeting not only helps to capture important information (like event dates and times), but is also be a time for family members to spend time together.  Consider scheduling a family meeting once a week or every other week and ask all those living in your home attend to share what’s going on. This can also be a time for you to make decisions together about upcoming events and occasions and take time to be together.

Here are five more ways you can make the most out of your family meetings:

  1. Choose a time that works best for gathering together.  It can be Sunday afternoon, Saturday morning, a weeknight, or any time that works for everyone.  Family meetings typically include 30 minutes of meeting followed by family fun.  Having enough time to meet and play together is important.  Consistent meetings will make for success, so hosting this get together weekly is best.  Our family hosted our family meeting every Sunday at lunch.  My kids, who now in their 30’s, remember them well as a truly important time together.
  2. Get everyone in the game.  Give family members advance notice and share the reasons why this meeting is important.  Be sure your partner or spouse will not only be available, but also on board with this plan.  If needed,  you can have an incentive for your kids.
  3. Choose a month-at-a-glance planner (digital or paper) to record dates.  Go person to person to have everyone talk about upcoming events and activities so that you can include them on the calendar.  Once recorded, post a paper copy in the kitchen (or highly trafficked area) where everyone can see it all week.  Having your family see the calendar makes for powerful time management modeling.
  4. Talk about logistics. Family meeting time is also time to strategize about upcoming vacations, holidays, and chores.  Be open to ideas that your children share so that everyone feels that their ideas are heard.
  5. Make time for family fun!  Simple, back to basics, family activities can include a bike ride, making your own ice cream float, a family game, or a Wii tournament are all great ideas and can be fun for everyone.   Families that enjoy time together will also be creating a team, building cohesiveness, and promoting clear communication with each other.

When will you get started with your family meeting?



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