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Don't Check E-mail During Vactions! | Organize to Revitalize BlogYou’re not as important as you think you are. Trust me on this. During discussions about managing email, productivity and vacation time, I usually hear a chorus of “Yeah, but … ” from my clients.

“Yeah, but I need to check email on vacation so I won’t have so much in my inbox.”

“Yeah, but I can get some work done after the kids are in bed.”

“Yeah, but just one more email.”

This is usually when I say, “Yeah, but we’re talking about your life here.”

If you’re not the President of the United States, you can turn off your email or take a vacation. It’s okay. Take your ego out of the equation. At some point each day, you need to stop working. That means shutting down work email. Just because we can check email 24/7, it doesn’t mean that we should check email 24/7.

When you’re on vacation, you need to take your vacation. Vacation means you don’t call into the office, check work email, or go into the office. When you do that – especially those in leadership roles – you are sending the message that you’re don’t trust your people, that you’re a micromanager, and that they should follow the same path. It may not be your intention, but that’s the message you’re sending.

If you make your kids wait at an amusement park to see a princess or a certain mouse while you’re checking email, you will wind up in the bad nursing home when you’re old.

Vacations are not only for you. They’re also for the people who work AROUND you. No one can miss you unless you actually leave, and we’ll be okay for a week or two without you. Really. Go. Come back rested.

What I’m talking about is having boundaries, and it’s important to have some. By having boundaries, you show the people in your life that they are really important. Your future nursing home depends on it.

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  • Linda Samuels CPO-CD

    Powerful. True. Love this, Janice!

  • Janine Sarna-Jones

    Awesome, Janice. I love your take on this issue!

  • Janice Simon

    Thanks, Janine and Linda! That means a lot coming from you.

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