Transformers: The Magazine That Turned Into a Bench and Bookcase

On December 31, 2012, in Transformers, by Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®
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Welcome to our regular Transformers feature (click link and scroll down to see them all). A transformer is a thing that started out as one thing, has been rehabbed, and now functions as another thing. A transformer can also be a thing that is really another thing all at the same time. Check out our latest find…

Magazines are notoriously difficult to get rid of because you think you might need to read them…again…in the future. And, if you have several subscriptions, they can really pile up. As it turns out, they can actually be transformed into something new and functional.

Designer, Jens Praet, used shredded Elle Decor magazines to create furniture pieces, like a bench, table, and bookcase. His work is definitely a different take on recycling.

Have a look…


Furniture made from recycled magazines by Jens Praet | Organize to Revitalize Blog

The Shredded Table and High Bench

 Image Credit:  Theo van Pinxteren/Industry Gallery


A bookcase made from Elle Decor magazines by Jens Praet | Organize to Revitalize Blog

The Shredded Library Bookcase

 Image Credit:  Theo van Pinxteren/Industry Gallery


Shredded magazine and resin used by Jens Praet to create a table | Organize to Revitalize Blog

Closer look at the Shredded Table with resin top

 Image Credit:  Theo van Pinxteren/Industry Gallery



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