Baby Steps: Preparing Your Child to Move Into Their Own Place

On December 27, 2012, in Guest Posts, Moving, by Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®
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Today’s guest author, Melisa Cammack, shares advice on how to help your children transition to a home of their own.

Tips to help your move be stress-free and organized. | Organize to Revitalize BlogBefore you boot your fledgling adult from the nest and turn your child’s room into the home gym you’ve always dreamed of, consider carefully what he/she will need to take. How much furniture will they need? Do they have enough room for all their things?  Will you keep some items in your home? Carefully consider which pieces will be essential and help your child transition to a home of their own.

The Basics

Being quite removed from those first days on their own, many parents may not think of all the types of things  their child may need for his or her first place. Some children might insist they need a big-screen television or the latest gaming system. You might even get requests for color-coordinated bedding and drapes or other décor like wall art and throw rugs. To figure out what is really needed, start with the basics: a bed to sleep in, a chair to sit in, some pots to cook in, and a lamp or two at night. Talk through with your child other items that they will need (e.g., linens, personal care items, cleaning supplies, etc.) and write a list to ensure nothing is forgotten.

What don’t they have?

Decide on what is absolutely necessary based on their personal preferences and your budget. Many household items can be handed down or purchased inexpensively at thrift shops. Pots, utensils, trash cans, glassware, and photo frames don’t have to cost a fortune. Some furniture can be found at flea markets (or even your own home) and stored until moving day.

What is left behind?

For many young adults, their first move away from home is usually a temporary one into a tiny college dorm or a friend’s furnished apartment. In these cases, kids tend to leave most of their larger items behind with their parents for a while. If you no longer have room for them, renting a secure storage unit can be a way to make sure their bed, dresser, bookshelves, and other large items will still be accessible when they move into a bigger place. And, they’ll be tucked out of the way when you bring home your new treadmill and stair climber.


About the Author

Melisa Cammack has been freelance writing for several years, and loves to write for parenting, self-help, and health blogs. She is currently promoting self storage in Albuquerque NM and storage units in York, and wants to wish everyone a stress-free moving day!


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