Quick Tip: Recycle Your Old Eyeglasses

On November 27, 2012, in Recycling, by Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®
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Donate your gently glasses. | OTR BlogOne of the tricky things about organizing your home or office is that you may not be sure how to let go of specific items, like eyeglasses. You might be tempted to through them in a drawer or box even though you can no longer use them. The good news is that they can be useful to someone else.

You can donate your gently used glasses to:

  • OneSight.org and their volunteers will distribute them during one of their Global Clinics around the world.
  • New Eyes for the Needy will distribute the following items to international charitable organizations:
    • plastic eyeglasses
    • reading glasses
    • sun glasses
    • metal eyeglasses in any condition (proceeds from sale are used to support voucher programs in the U.S.)




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  • Bonnie Short

    Lions Club International also take glasses which are cleaned, “read” and distributed worldwide

  • http://sohotechtraining.com/ Deb Lee

    Thanks for sharing that, Bonnie! =)

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