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On May 7, 2012, in Clothing, by Sarah Heckle
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Last time I wrote, it was all about organizing your handbag. After reading the post, I realized that wallet organization deserves much more than a casual mention. You carry your most valuable possessions in your wallet — money and identification — so shouldn’t you keep it organized and clear of clutter for quick and easy access?

Now’s the time to empty that wallet (take everything out!), and walk through these wallet organization tips with me.

wallet organization

Now that everything is out of your wallet, let’s sort through the things that don’t belong:

  • Receipts. Having receipts in your wallet is inevitable on a daily basis. However, it’s very important to clean these out at the end of each day. Not only do they clutter up your limited space, but their ink can stain fabric or leather. Create a file at home for receipts that you need to keep and shred the rest.
  • Social Security Card and Passport. You should not store your social security card and/or your passport in your wallet. That’s practically asking to have your identity stolen. Memorize your social security number, and store these forms of identification somewhere secure
  • Cards you don’t use frequently. Cards you don’t use often could include many different kinds: credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, business cards, etc. Create a spot at home for each of these types and only carry them when needed.
  • Junk. You know what I’m talking about — things that simply don’t belong. Movie stubs, candy wrappers, Chinese fortunes, shopping lists, and random doodles are things that often end up in my wallet, but probably shouldn’t be there.
  • Small change. Obviously, you’ll want to carry some change with you. However, there’s no need to carry dollars worth of pennies and nickels. I like to keep a jar of change at home where I can throw in extra change and take it out later as needed.
  • Overboard photos. Go ahead and carry one or two photos of loved ones in your wallet, but there’s no need to carry your kid’s photos from grades K through 12.

Once you remove the clutter, here’s what should be left in your wallet:

  • Driver’s License. Obvious.
  • Cash. I recommend only carrying the cash you’ll need for a given day. That way, you won’t be at too much of a loss if your wallet is stolen.
  • Credit/debit card[s]. Again, only carry the one[s] you use.
  • Frequently used cards. If you have a gift card or a grocery store rewards card that you use with frequency, it doesn’t hurt to carry this in your wallet. However, if the store  allows you to enter an alternate ID (like a phone number), I recommend doing that.

Finally, you can only be as organized as your wallet allows you to be. Here are my wallet recommendations for him and for her:

organization wallets

  • For him, I recommend a classic, bi-fold wallet. As most guys carry their wallet in their back pocket (where it sustains damage from sitting and movement), I recommend purchasing a sturdy material like leather that will last. The wallet above has a full-length compartment for cash, as well as spots for identification and credit cards. It also has a handy removable insert, which would be perfect for storing a photo or driver’s license.
  • For her, I recommend something larger, like the tri-fold wallet above. Women tend to carry more in their wallets, as they often do more shopping and running around. This wallet has spots for change, a checkbook, cash, cards, and a transparent spot for your photo ID. A wallet like this one could even be used as a clutch when you don’t need to carry an entire handbag.


Do you have any further tips for wallet organization?


Image source: A Pretty Penny

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