5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home

On March 22, 2012, in Home Organizing, by Sarah Heckle
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When it comes to taking on home improvement projects, words like daunting and impossible come to mind. There are little changes you can make, though, that will improve the appearance of your home without too much effort. Here are five easy ways to give your house a facelift:

1. Declutter — Go into every room and closet of your house and remove five items. No cheating — removing trash does not count (although, go ahead and remove garbage while you’re at it). Take out five items that are taking up space that you don’t really need. If you can’t remember the last time you used something, get rid of it. Having a clean and clutter-free space will instantly improve the appearance of your home — it will also help you feel calm and relaxed in your space. Donate these items to charity or Goodwill.

2. Shelving & Storage — Shelving and storage are great ways to add some organized flair to your house. If you have a lot of knick knacks sitting around your home, display these on shelves to keep your living space clean and decluttered. Shelving can also can make a room appear larger by drawing the eyes upwards. Plus, it serves as wall art!

trinket shelf

3. Window Treatment — Window treatment can do absolute wonders for making a room look complete. Your window treatments don’t have to be expensive. Simple, inexpensive, or even DIY drapes liven and brighten any space. Choose bright and cheery colors to liven up a window. Check out this tutorial on how to make a DIY cornice — this window treatment is perfect for above a kitchen sink.

4. Paint — I know what you’re thinking: “You said this would be easy!” Painting does take more effort than these other tips, but it can be cheap and easy if you’re strategic with your paint. Instead of painting your whole house, choose a couple rooms to add accent walls to. An accent wall is simply a wall in a room that has a different paint color than the rest. Start with a small wall that you’re confident you can handle. Find a paint hue you love that’s in your budget. When you’re done painting, arrange a collage of photos for a trendy touch.

wall collage and paint

5. Go Outside — Sometimes, we spend so much time worrying about the interior of our house that we forget about giving the exterior a facelift every once in a while. And while the inside is for you to enjoy, remember that the outside of your house is what other see on a daily basis. There are some simple ways to give the outside of your house a lift. Picking up debris and sticks in your yard is easy, and your kids can help with this, too. Sweep your entryway, get a new “Welcome” mat, and make yourself a DIY springtime door wreath. Add some bright springtime flowers, like petunias, around your house. Or, if you live in an apartment or don’t have a yard, add some potted springtime plants to the exterior of your home.

front door

Do you have any easy tips to improve the home?

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  • http://www.mainstreetdesignbuild.com/ Msdb

    Adding a little paint is a great way to improve your home

  • http://tulleandtrinkets.com/ Sarah Heckle

    It’s so true! It can do wonders for brightening a room and pulling a look together.

  • http://twitter.com/KellyGreeny KellyGreen

    Great ideas for a spring cleaning. I particularly find revitalizing my photos and frames to be a great freshener for my place. I would also suggest going through closets and donating clothes you haven’t worn in the last year.

  • http://tulleandtrinkets.com/ Sarah Heckle

    You’re right! It instantly brightens and pulls together a space.

  • http://tulleandtrinkets.com/ Sarah Heckle

    Oooh, I love the photo frames idea! That’s something I never think to do.

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