Simple Tech: 6 Benefits of Using an Online Calendar

On November 3, 2010, in Technology, by Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®
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Update as of 2012: I’m now using Google calendar (sorry, Yahoo!) and I still have access to all the features below and more.

increase productivity with an online calendar In yesterday’s post, one of the types of lists I suggested that we all need to get friendly with was a calendar.

Basically, it’s a list of all your appointments and open/closed time blocks. If you like using a paper calendar, definitely use it. If it’s not broken, there’s really no need to try to fix it.

That said, one of the drawbacks with paper is that you’ll have to have it with you to know when you’re booked and when you’re available.

With an on online calendar, you don’t need to do that and there are lots of other benefits, too.

6 Benefits of Using an Online Calendar


1. Free. It’s nice when you get something useful that’s on sale. It’s even nicer when that item is free and it works. While there are some online calendars that will cost you, both Google and Yahoo offer them to you free of charge. I have used both, but primarily rely on my Yahoo cal.

2. Convenient. You can access your online schedule from anywhere. All you need is computer, internet connection, and your log-in credentials. Forgot your laptop or iPad at home? No worries, call up your calendar on your smart phone.

This means you’ll have a lighter purse or briefcase (your shoulder and back will thank you) and you’ll know exactly how your time is scheduled. Another convenient feature: you can set recurring appointments. Less writing and more automation (your hand will thank you).

3. Get Reminders. With a paper calendar, you have to be on top of your game and self-motivated. You have to check your calendar to see where you’ll be on a given day. With an online version, you can create text or e-mail reminders for those very important meetings and doctor’s appointments.

Here’s a look at my calendar for this Friday, November 5th. I’ll be at the GrowSmartBiz Conference and Trade Show for much of the day. As you can see, I have several reminder options and I’ve filled my notes section with additional details. I’m not so fond of getting e-mail reminders because my inbox has too many messages as it is. Instead, I choose to receive text messages that I delete almost immediately.


My calendar for Friday, November 5th


4. Create More Than One Calendar. Did you notice on the upper right side of the event page that this particular calendar is called “Education, Training, and Networking?” You can have more than one calendar for various types of events and add a bit of color to help remind you what’s what.

I love that I can have multiple calendars within the same app (Yahoo calls them calendar layers), and I can choose to view one while hiding the others by simply adding/removing a check mark.

Create multiple calendar and color code them!

5. Share with Others. You can share your calendar and let others view or even make changes to it. Sharing is a great option, especially if someone in the family always forgets what’s coming down the pike. =) This is also perfect for the assistant who needs to update the CEO’s appointments. I’ve got the calendar. I just need the assistant. ;)

6. Sync With Outlook. You can sync with your Outlook calendar so that you don’t have to do double duty. Save a few minutes by not having to enter the same information twice, and get the benefits of using Outlook’s other features, like dragging and dropping e-mails directly to your calendar.

The bad news is that Yahoo is still working on that feature. The good news is that Google’s got it figured out. Check it out here.

*Update: You can now sync Yahoo calendar with Outlook. Click here to learn more.

Are you using an online calendar? Why does it work for you? Please share in the comments!

  • Carol

    Hi Deb,

    This is Carol from This is a terrific post and I love how you explain point by point some of the ways an online calendar beats paper when it comes to getting organized.

    Since you mentioned free services like Google and Yahoo, I thought I’d introduce you to, which is also a completely free online calendar and organizing system.

    What makes Cozi a little different from Yahoo and Google though, is that is specifically designed for families.
    Cozi also has bunch of features like shopping lists and to do lists that make it super easy to share important family info.

    So, if you are helping families get organized, and you hear them struggling with things like: how to make sure everyone knows when soccer is, and who’s picking up from pre-school on Tuesday, and what items need to go on the holiday meal grocery list… well then I hope you’ll check out and recommend

    Of course, don’t take my word for it. Just check out what great parenting organizations like Working Mother, Parenting Magazine, Parent Choice Awards, Family Circle and more are saying. They have all picked Cozi as the tool of choice for getting families organized, which is why I think you will love it too.

    Best regards,

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  • Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®

    Hi Carol: Families and working parents can definitely benefit from using a tool will help keep everyone on the same page. How long has Cozi been around? I will check it out and let you know what I think. Thanks for leaving a comment. =)

  • Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®

    I really prefer using a web-based calendar and love that I have one “go to” place to see all my appointments. When I enter an event on my iPhone calendar, that event is automatically added to my Yahoo! calendar and vice versa. It’s simple and it works for me. I do agree that if paper works for you, then there’s no need to make the switch to digital. Thanks for stopping by, Janet, and let me know how you like your new iPhone. =)

  • Ellen Delap

    Thanks Deb! It is hard to resist the online calendar with all the great suggestions you made. It makes so much sense!

  • Allison Carter

    Yes I use google calendar and sync to my ical! (not everyone uses outlook ;-) ) I love that I can share events with other calendar users as well so it gets onto their schedule. — Allison

  • Deb Lee, CPOu00ae

    Test 1

  • Deb Lee

    An online calendar really works for me, though when I was in college I used a paper one. Back then, it was perfect. Now, it would drive me a little nuts. What online calendar do you use?

  • Deb Lee

    Good point, Allison. Mac users everywhere are right now screaming iCal! ;)

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  • Sarah Alyea

    Iu2019d like to suggest to your readers that they also check out, the detail management calendar. PlumLife allows you to create multiple calendars for the different people in your life that you must manage (you husband, wife or children) or the different roles in you life you play (team mom). You can share just the information each one of these people wants to see with them and you can communicate with baby sitters, car poolers or other family members via text messaging or email. Take a look!nThanksnsarah DOT alyea AT plumlife DOT com

  • Deb Lee

    Thanks for the heads up about PlumLife, Sarah. I’ll check it out and let you know what I think.

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