Quick Tip: Use Your Bookcase as a Shoe Rack

On September 28, 2010, in Small Spaces, by Deb Lee
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Short on space?  If you can stand to have them mingle, keep your shoes and your books together in one bookcase. Here’s how I do it:

My shoes and books are living nicely together. Even my stuffed animals are getting in on the action.

  • http://www.dallisonlee.com Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®

    I know it seems a bit odd, but I love seeing the front (or toes) of my shoes. Aesthetically, that appeals to me, but I also feel like I can really see the shoe (well, almost all of the shoe). For some reason, this helps me to decide which one I’ll wear on a given day. I know, I know, I’m odd. =) Thanks for your comment, Julie!

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